Our history & the team - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Introducing ourselves: Team of Schlossapotheke Monguelfo

When profession becomes vocation.

SINCE 1935 

The first pharmacy in Monguelfo in the central Val Pusteria was opened by Dr Battisti on 14 September 1935. At this time, between the First and Second World Wars, the country was undergoing intensive Italianisation. In contrast to this was the mentality of the local population: characterised by a strong will to preserve their own ethnic and cultural traditions.

While the pharmacy survived the Second World War, it faced significant economic challenges until the late seventies. Adding to the delicate economic situation were the health problems of the then owner.

Since November 1977, the pharmacy has been run by Dr. Piergiorgio Baruchello. After the difficult years of the past, he took on the work with ambition and zeal, together with his wife Natalina, to create a functional pharmacy for the local population from the dilapidated premises. In the early years, Dr. Baruchello faced various problems: lack of heating, lack of sanitary facilities, poor lighting, and collapsing shelves. Optimism and professional conviction helped the new owner overcome the difficult times.  Today, after two relocations, the new, bright, and friendly headquarters represent the quality and quantity of the work done in recent years.

Since 2018, the pharmacy has been run with professionalism and passion by his son, Dr. Pietro Baruchello. Together with his competent team and their love for their profession, they are always looking out for your well-being and are always available to provide you with personalised advice and all-round optimal care.

Our philosophy:

Personal. Sustainable. Innovative.
We always keep our eyes open for opportunities to try new things and establish new services for our customers.
Together we are here for you!
Team - Dr. Pietro Baruchello - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr. Pietro Baruchello

Team - Dr. Piergiorgio Baruchello - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr. Piergiorgio Baruchello

Team - Natalina Racca - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr.ssa Natalina Racca

With the colleagues
Team - Dr. Esther Schwingshackl - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr. Esther Schwingshackl

Team - Dr. Irene Fauster - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr. Irene Fauster

Team - Dr. Katharina Erardi - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr. Katharina Erardi

Team - Dr. Barbara Seiwald - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Dr. Barbara Seiwald

Team - Nicolo Baruchello - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Nicoló Baruchello

Team - Birgit Profanter - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Birgit Profanter

Team - Karoline Winkler - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Karoline Winkler

Team - Manuela Amhof - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Manuela Amhof

Team - Martina Egarter - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Martina Egarter

Team - Charlotte Zingerle - Schlossapotheke Welsberg

Charlotte Zingerle